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Puppy Application

​At Merry Bustle Springers we are committed to breeding healthy puppies for safe and happy homes. This form helps us make sure our puppies are going to well matched families.


Pre-application checklist

Do not proceed with the application if you haven't completed/fulfilled the following:

  • I have fully researched, spent time with or owned an English Springer Spaniel before.

  • I am able to dedicate a significant amount of time to a puppy.

  • I agree to contact/return this puppy to Merry Bustle Springers if my circumstances change and I am not able to keep this dog.

  • I agree to spay/neuter this puppy unless otherwise discussed/agreed withe Merry Bustle Springers.

  • I have about 30 minutes to fill in all the fields of this form.

2023 Litter


We are so pleased to say that all 8 puppies from the Millie's May 30, 2023 litter now have amazing forever homes! What a joy it has been meeting all these wonderful families and being a part of their joy.

Millie will be taking a nice long break with no immediate plans for another litter. 

We work in close partnership with MASH Springers who may have a litter this winter. You can contact Paige at to find out more.

If you would like to sign up for a puppy from Millie's next litter, contact me and/or fill out the puppy application.

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