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About us - Millie and Lori at the River Wey, Surrey, UK


About Us

At Merry Bustle Springers, we specialize in raising healthy, happy CKC registered purebred English Springer Spaniels on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC. Our puppies are bred and raised in a small family setting and we take great pride in providing our pups with plenty of love and attention.

We have taken great care to ensure our breeding program is taking into account ethical breeding factors such as genetics, overall health and personality/temperament when pairing.

We ensure our puppies are healthy and well-socialized before sending them off to their new homes. We’re committed to matching our pups with loving active and/or adventurous families where a  Springer will thrive.

Registered Healthy Purebred Springers

All dogs in our breeding program are Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Registered with a minimum of 4 generation pedigree on record. Check out the Dog pages for more information about specific dogs.


All dogs are also screened for health  and genetic risk factors and then matched to complementary mates. 

All puppies will come to you having had a veteranarian exam, their first shots, their CANADA Chip Microchip and they will be CKC registered. 

What's a 'merry bustle', you ask?  

This is the term used to describe the very energetic tail and bum wagging that is common with Springer Spaniels. It's very merry indeed. 


Read more about English Springer Spaniels.

The Dogs

Learn about the dogs in our small breeding program

Our home and the whelping room

Tails of 2 towns

We are lucky enough to live in two wonderful places - Port McNeill and Courtenay.  Our Courtenay home is a 5 acre farm with a huge fenced in dog field. There, Millie and her sidekick Moksie (a White German Shepherd) spend time indoors and outdoors and sleep inside our home either in their crates or in the living room.

We live part time in Port McNeill and our new place has plenty of dog space and no end to the outdoor places to have adventures. The dogs will have a dedicated kennel there but, let's face it, they'll be inside with us most of the time.

Where will the puppies be born

The whelping room(where the puppies will be born) will be in our home office in Port McNeill where we can control temperature and keep the puppies safe and comfortable in their first weeks of life. 

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