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  • Are there any puppies available?
    Yes! Mille had a litter of 8 on May 30. Since she had more pups than we expected, there are still puppies available. Make sure you fill out an application to get on the waiting list. We cannot guarantee sex or colour but do our very best to match you to your preferences. The puppy list places you in order by application date and then approval date. These puppies will be ready for their forever homes in the first week of August 2023. Note: We are a very small breeder, so we do not always have puppies available. See Millie (Bitch) here: See Radar(Sire) here:
  • How do I apply for a puppy?
    At Merry Bustle Springer Spaniels we are committed to matching the best homes to our puppies. The first step is to fill out an application that helps us determine whether you are a good fit for an English Springer Spaniel from Merry Bustle Springers. Follow the link below to the application form Fill in all required fields We will review and get back to you to let you know if you can join the puppy waiting list.
  • What happens after I fill our a puppy application?
    Once you have filled in the application form: We will review your application. (We are sure it's great!) We will likely have some clarifying questions for you and then we will schedule a call on Zoom, FaceTime or phone call. We will email you with written confirmation that you are eligible for the waiting list. You will then need to secure your spot on the waiting list by paying a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the purchase price. Usually, this is collected once the pregnancy is confirmed (or after the litter has been born). We will communicate with you about viewing the puppies, choosing your puppy and home day. Yahooo! You are on the puppy waiting list! We are sure you are so excited! See other FAQs: Choosing a puppy Preparing for a puppy Aftercare and support
  • How do I pay my puppy deposit?
    After you receive written confirmation in an email that you are eligible for the puppy waiting list you will need to send a deposit of 20% of the purchase price. Pricing is not posted on the website. Please contact Merry Bustle Springers for puppy pricing. Payment options: e-Transfer - send an e-transfer to merrybustle @ Cash: If you live nearby you can arrange to pay cash. Cheque or money order: mail to PO Box 1545 Port McNeill, BC, V0N 2R0 PayPal:
  • How much do puppies cost?
    We do not publish prices on the website. Please contact us about pricing.
  • How can I pay for my puppy?
    We offer a number of payment options. e-Transfer - send an e-transfer to merrybustle @ (preferred) Cash: If you live nearby you can arrange to pay cash. Cheque or money order: in person or mail to PO Box 1545 Port McNeill, BC, V0N 2R0 PayPal:
  • Can I meet the puppies before I commit to taking one home?
    Yes! From when the puppies are first born, we will share plenty of photos and videos on Instagram/Facebook/Email. We will arrange zoom/chat calls with you so you can start to think about which puppy you are interested in. Often, the breeders will have first pick of the litter and then you will be able to choose in order of accepted application. We will help you choose a puppy with a personality that is best suited to your family. We can arrange in person meetings after the puppies have been vaccinated. This usually happens around 7-9 weeks. We are on Vancouver Island and will be able to arrange in-person viewing at our home in Port McNeill from week 4 or in Courtenay nearer forever home day (week 10).
  • Can I choose colour and sex of my puppy?
    The more flexible you are about colour and sex, the easier it will be to find a puppy. In the application form, you can note colour and sex preferences. Let us know if you are not flexible or would rather wait for something specific.
  • When can I select a puppy from the litter?
    We generally allow people to choose a puppy around week 7. Ideally, after they have had their first vet check up and vaccination. By this time we can see the unique personalities of the puppies as well. You will be given opportunities to meet the puppies in person and over zoom/Facetime etc. so you can observe their personalities and choose the one that is best suited to you/your family.
  • What equipment and set up do I need before I bring my puppy home?
    THE ESSENTIALS A safe place to sleep. Even if you are planning to have your puppy live in the home with you, crate or kennel training is a very good idea. Puppies an dogs like to have a safe and quiet place to rest. Puppies will be used to the crate by the time they go to you. Find a quiet spot in your home where puppy can be crated. Read more about how to crate train. Healthy treats and food. We will send you home with some of the food and treats we have been feeding your puppy as well as some instructions and recommendations. If you plan to change their food you should do so slowly as they can have sensitive tummies at this stage. Food and water bowl. Stainless steel is always a winner. It's light weight and indestructible and usually not too costly. Some folks buy angled bowls to help long eared dogs like Springers avoid soaking their ears when they eat or drink. We recommend a puppy proof food storage container too. Leash and collar. Your puppy will go home with an adjustable collar but you will need a small leash. ID tags. It is important to have ID tags for your puppy. Most towns and cities require your dog to be registered and will provide a tag. You can also buy personalized tags at pet shops and online. Poop bags. We don't recommend walking your puppy in public places until they have had their 2nd vaccination. But you will still want to have poop bags on hand wherever you go. Toys and things to chew. Your puppy will have very sharp little teeth at 8-9 weeks and they will be chewing on everything. If you provide a selection of toys they are allowed to chew on, this will help avoid them chewing on your belongings. Try not to become overwhelmed with all the options at pet shops. Puppies don't need much beyond these essentials, except your time and attention. Contact us or your veterinarian for more advice. Detailed Personal Recommendations Below are some recommendations that I found useful and you might too. CONTAIN Fenced yard A fully fenced yard is ideal! Springers are so active and will benefit from lots of outdoor play and exploration. It’s nice to not always have to have them leashed, especially if you live in town. Dog pens I can’t recommend these enough for when a puppy is small. Investing in a small dog pen or fencing system can make sure your puppy is happy while you do other things. As much as we’d like to be with them 24x 7, we need to shower. Of course, you should always put them in their crate for longer absences but having a small pen means your puppy can play in a contained safe environment (inside or outside) and you can feel comfortable that they won’t escape or get into anything unsafe. You can buy indoor pens or more sturdy outdoor pens. I have one like this that I use in the yard and in my garage/home. Crate You will need a 36 inch crate for your full grown English Springer Spaniel. They prefer to feel snug and safe. If you’ve never used a crate before, I can’t recommend it enough. They love it. Amazon has many to choose from. I bought one with a fabric cover to minimize stimulation from outside the crate which helps puppy sleep. I got this nice crate cover but there are lots to choose from. Or just use a regular old blanket! REST Bed For the crate, choose something flat and washable, preferably with a removable cover. Nothing to puffy or it won’t fit well. Dimensions should fit the crate (36 x 23 inches) It’s nice to have another bed or blanket for your puppy in the main area of your home as well. Whatever you buy, make sure it’s washable! FOOD AND WATER Water bowl At first they will need something a little smaller and shorter. I bought 2 medium sized stainless bowls from the pet shop. Food bowl Something small and not too deep at first. It needs to hold about 50 grams of food per meal until they are about 3 months old when they will move up to a medium sized bowl. I recommend basic stainless steel bowls like these. EXERCISE Leash At first you may want to pick out a leash that is lightweight and comfortable for you to hold. From 8 weeks to about 3 or 4 months they will use that one and then you will likely want to find a bigger collar and leash. English Springer Spaniels usually fit medium sized things across the board. Collar Puppies will go home with a collar that fits and is adjustable and that will be fine for quite a while but they grow quickly! Take your puppy to the pet store to make sure the size is right. By the time they are 6 months they will wear a collar that is medium sized at 36-46cm (14-18 inches). ID tags Your puppy will come to you microchipped but I also recommend investing in ID tags in case they are ever lost. Your local municipality will require you to license your dog. You can just use those. Make sure you squeeze them onto the collar ring tightly. You can buy personalized tags that have your phone number. Some folks recommend not putting their name on the tag in case of dog theft. But I think that if someone is going to steal your pet, the name on the tag makes no difference. No pull harness I recommend PetSafe Easy Walk harnesses. Other harnesses only make it easier for the puppy to pull you along. This design is different. It gently pulls back on the top of the legs rather than the chest. Game changer! Toys For comfort and play. Every puppy is different but they all like to chew and chase and play. Provide a selection of ‘indestructible’ toys for them to play with. Avoid fabric and plush toys, fabric tennis balls and regular grade plastics - they’ll destroy them! Chuckit balls - small ones for puppies Other indestructible toys Kong also make some strong toys When they are older: This foldable Chuckit launcher and ball set is great. Treats You will have to experiment with treats that your dog likes, especially if you are using treats for training. You want to find something irresistible for their reward. I have found dehydrated beef lung/organs to be the best. I buy Beef Tendersticks from Costco but they are widely available. And for chewing, try Yummies brand beef chew sticks (also Costco, I think Canadian Tire too) Food I will send you home with some of the food that your puppy has already been eating to help with the transition. You can keep feeding the same stuff or change food. Make sure to slowly transition them to any new diet as their tummies are so sensitive at this age. I have been feeding Royal Canin Puppy Food for Medium dog breeds. If you are undecided, I recommend talking to Paige at Woofys in Courtenay and she can help you select something suitable. The dog food bag will have advice right on the bag about how much to feed your puppy at different stages. I will let you know how often and how much food I have been feeding when you pick up your puppy too. Warning: any change in diet will likely cause short term diarrhea and in some cases vomiting. Don’t be alarmed. Just introduce the food slowly by mixing with the food they are used to. Other stuff Poop bags and sometimes(depending on where you live, a poop bin - to get rid of waste. Pee pads/accident pads - when they first come home they may not yet be potty trained and they won’t know where to go at their new home. Some disposable pee pads might be useful. Blankets or covers for furniture - you may be like me and want your dog on your furniture, so invest in a few blankets or covers to protect your furniture from wet/muddy paws and fur. And if you are also like me, and decide to train your dog to stay off the furniture later because you got new sofas, then you’ DEFINITELY need blankets or covers to protect your furniture while you retrain them. Reach out if you have any other questions.
  • Will my puppy be vaccinated and microchipped?
    Yes. All of our puppies will visit the vet around week 7 or 8. They will be examined, get their first puppy vaccination and be microchipped a that point. More about puppy vaccinations More about CANADACHIP program
  • Do we dock tails?
    We do not dock the tails of our puppies. This practice is unnecessary and outdated and research suggests it put the animal at a disadvantage in the field too. Most Canadian provinces have laws against tail docking. Your puppy will come to you with its long beautiful tail.
  • What can Merry Bustle do to help support you with your new puppy?
    We can help provide you with resources and reading and we will do our best to answer all of your questions. Never struggle with a concern or question. Just call, text or email us any time day or night. If we don't have the answer, we can reach out to our veterinarians and the English Springer community to help find the answers and support you need.
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